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Book Description
It’s finally here… the third book in Lou Palumbo’s I Never Met a Train I Didn’t Like trilogy.

With his unique humor and the gift for storytelling, Lou takes the reader back to a simpler time – the beginning of the Baby Boomer generation – and continues through the decades recounting his personal stories and sharing his honest opinions. Lou’s passion for collecting toy trains comes through with each account; but more than that, Lou has the ability to connect to his readers on a human level by being candid and truthful about a life long-lived, challenged, and enjoyed.

“Seventy is NOT So GOOD…Unless It’s Your Golf Score! will become your favorite book of the year, and you will return to these stories more than once or twice. In fact, you’ll probably be reaching out to Lou with ideas on what he can write in yet another book, so don’t believe him when he says this is the final installment. I expect Lou to return for an encore—at least I sure hope he will!” ~ Roger Carp, Senior Editor, Classic Toy Trains Magazine

To order a signed copy:

Call us at 724-652-4912 or mail us at the address below with whom you want it signed to

Underground Railroad Shoppe
1906 Wilmington Road
New Castle, Pennsylvania 16105

$15 each copy (shipping included)
We accept check or credit card

To order a unsigned copy:
Order from (search for Lou Palumbo) or click here.
You can also get a signed copy at the store or in the Orange Hall at the York Train Show

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