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Book Description


"Back in the Day—Growing Up in the Fifties: I Still Haven’t Met a Train I Didn’t Like" takes its readers back to a young boy’s perspective during the 1950s, but also shares with them the magical world of collecting toy trains, uniting the passions of bygone youth and collectors today. Lou Palumbo is a treasure in the world of toy train collecting, and shares with his readers not only his passions of the past, but his continued commitment to his own collecting, and helping others with theirs as well.


To order a signed copy:

Call us at 724-652-4912 or mail us at the address below with whom you want it signed to

Underground Railroad Shoppe

1906 Wilmington Road

New Castle, Pennsylvania 16105

$15 each copy (shipping included)

We accept check or credit card

To order a unsigned copy:

Order from (search for Lou Palumbo) or click here.


You can also get a signed copy at the store or in the Orange Hall at the York Train Show

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